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Game Bird Propagation

A federal Game Bird permit is required to keep and sell captive-reared game birds. Game birds include pigeons, doves, coots, rails, and similar species. For waterfowl, see Waterfowl Sale and Disposal

Permit Details

Fee: $75

Duration: 3 years

Application: Form 3-200-10e

Reporting: Annual (Jan. 31)

Annual Report: Form 3-202-16

Transfer Form: Form 3-186A

Regulation: 50 CFR ยง 21.27

Please Note:

  • Game birds may not be taken from the wild

  • The following species are eligible for propagation under this permit:

  • Family

    (Common Names)


    (Common snipe and American woodcock)


    (Band-tailed pigeon, Bridled quail-dove, Common ground-dove, Inca dove, Key West quail dove, Mourning dove, Plain pigeon, Red-billed pigeon, Ruddy ground-dove, Ruddy quail-dove, Scaly-naped pigeon, White-crowned pigeon, White-tipped dove, White-winged dove, Zenaida dove)


    (Sandhill crane (except Mississippi subspecies)


    (Clapper rail, King rail, Virginia rail, Sora rail, Purple gallinule, American coot and Common moorhen)


Last Updated: June 22, 2016
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