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Depredation is damage or loss caused by birds. Depredation permits help reduce damage to agricultural crops/livestock, private property, human health & safety (including airports), and protected wildlife.  See the Application Form for more information.

You do NOT need a permit to:

  •  Harass or haze birds (except eagles), provided you do not cause nest abandonment.
    Destroy an inactive nest (a nest without a viable egg or chick); see the Nest Destruction Memo

  •  Take birds NOT protected under MBTA or other regulations, such as European Starlings, Rock (feral) Pigeons, and House Sparrows


Permit Details
Fee: $100

Duration: 1 year

Application Form: Form 3-200-13 

Reporting: Annual (Jan. 31)

Annual Report Form: Form 3-202-9 

Regulation: 50 CFR § 21.41

Please note: You must obtain a Form 37 from USDA-Wildlife Services to submit with your application.  Wildlife Services can be contacted at (866) 487-3297.  Your call will be directed to your local office based on area code you call from.


Please contact our office at  or 503, 872-2715 if you have questions about permits.

Last Updated: May 6, 2016
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