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Proposed rule to List and Designate Critical for Eriogonum codium (Umtanum desert buckwheat) and Physaria douglasii ssp. tuplashensis (White Bluffs bladderpod)

About the Document

Titles:   Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Proposed Endangered Status for Eriogonum codium (Umtanum desert buckwheat) and Proposed Designation of Critical Habitat; Proposed Threatened Status for Physaria douglasii  subspecies tuplashensis (White Bluffs bladderpod) and Proposed Designation of Critical Habitat

Estimated Dissemination Date of the Proposed Rule: March 2012

Estimated Peer Review Timeframe: 45-60 days; April 2012 to May 2012.

Type of review:  Influential

About the Peer Review Process

In accordance with the requirements of the Office of Management and Budget’s Final Information Quality Bulletin for Peer Review and the Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service’s interagency peer review policy, we will initiate peer review of the science relevant to the proposed rule to List and Designate Critical for Eriogonum codium (Umtanum desert buckwheat) and Physaria douglasii ssp. tuplashensis (White Bluffs bladderpod).

The Service will solicit comments from at least three independent scientific reviewers who will submit individual comments in written form. Peer reviewers will be selected by the Service. The scientific peer review will run concurrently with public review. We will solicit reviews from experts who are willing to commit to providing an objective review within the needed time frame. Reviewers will be selected by the Service from specialists in the relevant areas of expertise. We will strive to strike a balance between reviewers on one side of the decision with those on the other side and will avoid selecting peer reviewers who are likely to experience personal gain or loss as a result of the Service’s decision. Service employees will not be used for this peer review.

The primary disciplines or expertise needed for this peer review include but are not limited to: botanists, scientists, and biologists with familiarity in sagebrush-steppe ecosystems and conservation biology generally; and the ecology, reproduction, and floristics of either or both Eriogonum codium or Physaria douglasii ssp. tuplashensis, specifically. Additionally, the Service may seek reviewers familiar with soils, hydrology, agriculture, or public land management issues.

The Service will provide each peer reviewer with information necessary to complete the peer review. Because the peer review comment period will run concurrently with the public comment period, we cannot provide them with public comments prior to their review. However, we will ask the peer reviewers to determine whether the relevant data were considered and whether they were considered appropriately. We will also ask them
to evaluate uncertainty and the strength of the data and conclusions. Deadline for receipt of reviews will be clearly stated. Peer review comments will be public documents.

Will the public and/or scientific or professional societies be asked to nominate peer reviewers?: No.

Are waivers or deferrals being invoked? No

Estimated Start Date of Peer Review:  April 2012

About Public Participation

The public is invited to comment on this plan and on the proposed rule during the public comment period on the proposed rule. We expect the public comment period to be open from November 2010 to January 2011; however these dates are subject to change and are dependent upon publication of the proposed rule.

Peer Review Participants

Last Name

First Name




Washington Natural Heritage Program, Rare Plant Botanist



Beck Botanical Services, Botanist


Peter W.

University of Washington, Affiliate Professor, Department of Biology


Steven O.

Native Plant Landscaping and Restoration LLC

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Call Jodi Bush at 360-753-6046 for additional information regarding this peer review plan.


Last updated: November 5, 2013
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