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Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program (WSFRP) is the primary office of the Fish and Wildlife Service dealing with funding assistance to the states for conservation, restoration and boating programs. This site has information dealing with the Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration Program (PR and DJ) State Wildlife Grants, Coastal Wetlands Grants, Aquatic Education, Boating Access Development, Hunter Education and other federally funded assistance to states. Federal Aid is part of Migatory Birds and State Programs

Hunting and fishing rules and regulation throughout the Pacific Region are governed by each state. Some refuges do allow hunting and fishing at certain times of the year. Before engaging in these recreational pursuits, please check with the refuge to find out their specific regulations and seasons.
Below are a list of links to each state's regulatory agency for hunting and fishing. Remember a valid hunting/fishing license is required in your pacific region refuges.


Last updated: July 31, 2013

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