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Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative and Rangewide Conservation Plan (PLCI)

2009 Regional Meetings
In 2009 and early 2010, the USFWS Western Lampreys Conservation Team hosted a set of regional work sessions to develop regional components of the range-wide Pacific Lamprey Conservation Plan. Following are the locations and dates of the regional meetings:

July 2009 - Upper Columbia River and Snake River
August 2009 - Upper Columbia River and Mid-Columbia River
September 2009 - Northern and Southern California
October 2009 - Lower Columbia, Willamette, Mainstem Columbia and Snake Rivers and Puget Sound
November 2009 - Alaska
December 2009 - Coastal Oregon
February 2010 - Coastal Washington

The purpose of these meetings was to collect region specific information on
  • historic and current distribution;
  • estimated abundance; and
  • trends in populations.
And to
  • identify and prioritize threats to Pacific lamprey;
  • identify ongoing conservation actions and needs; and
  • identify ongoing research, monitoring and evaluation activities and needs related to Pacific lamprey.

We documented this information at the 4th code Hydrologic Unit (HUC) on maps and a regional questionnaire. Information collected is being used to develop the regional components of the Plan which includes identification of actions to be taken to improve Pacific lamprey abundance, distribution and habitat. We used a modified NatureServe method to assess the relative risk of Pacific lamprey by watershed throughout its range. The protocol involved analyzing Pacific lamprey using three categories: rarity (distribution and abundance), trends and threats. The NatureServe process is currently being used for bull trout.

Following is an example of the spreadsheet used for collecting threats information at the regional meetings. Additionally, a synopsis of the NatureServe ranking process and ranking guide are provided.

A draft of the Conservation Plan will be distributed for regional review in June 2010. 

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Western Lampreys Conservation Team contact information

Howard Schaller, Team Lead, Columbia River Fisheries Program Office,
Christina Luzier, Team Coordinator, Columbia River Fisheries Program Office,
Jody Brostrom, Idaho Fisheries Resource Office,
Carrie Cook-Tabor, Washington Fish and Wildlife Office,
Damon Goodman, Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office,
R.D. Nelle, Mid-Columbia River Fishery Resource Office,
Bianca Streif, Oregon Fish and Wildlife Office,

October 2008 Work Session
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) hosted the Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative Work Session on October 28-29, 2008 in Portland, Oregon.  The purpose of the Work Session was to bring managers and scientists with various skills and expertise together to facilitate communication on the current status and on going efforts to conserve Pacific lamprey (Entosphenus tridentatus) and to begin development of a collaborative, range-wide Conservation Plan.  The general objectives of the Work Session were: 1) to develop an outline of existing knowledge, data, and information about Pacific lamprey; and 2) to identify uncertainties or knowledge gaps related to these topics.

Draft Outline of Pacific Lamprey Conservation Plan - February 2009

October Work Session Final Proceedings

Regional Conservation, Management and Research Efforts

CBFWA Lamprey Technical Workgroup
Critical Uncertainties Document
Columbia River Inter-tribal Fish Commission
Tribal Pacific Lamprey Restoration Plan for the Columbia River Basin

Past Events

Western Oregon Lamprey Workshop


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