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Geocaching enthusiasts and friends of Pacific Lamprey, please join us in a new adventure. Travel bugs have been launched in the Pacific Northwest in four different locations. One lamprey travel bug is hiding in a geocache somewhere along the mouth of the Columbia River at a historic site in Washington. Another is hiding somewhere in a culturally-signfiicant and historical site on Yakama Nation land in Toppenish. A travel bug has been placed in the Portland metro area as well as the Clearwater River Basin. Please help them migrate. Don't forget to take your picture with the bug and log your entry into


For More Information:

Chehalis Basin Pacific Lamprey Geocaching Challenge Passport

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AmeriCorps Service Member Michelle Ortiz-Pena with a Pacific lamprey geoaching travel bug (Credit: Dan Spencer/USFWS)

Chehalis Basin Pacific Lamprey Geocaching Challenge!

This geocaching challenge will help educate the public about the Chehalis River Basin and its Pacific lamprey population.

Ready to take the Challenge?

Read media coverage about the Challenge:

New Program Aims To Educate Public on Chehalis River Lamprey
A Geocaching Adventure?! Who Said Science Wasn't Fun?

Travel bug

Want to find more Pacific Lamprey Travel Bugs? Visit these websites to check up on all of our our travel bugs:

fish screen Pacific Lamprey Geocaching Project Fact Sheet (2.1 MB)

fish screen Pacific Lamprey Geocaching Project News Release

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Last updated: April 13, 2015

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