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Center for Biodiversity in Shitike Creek c.RobertaGuarino.comA number of federal agencies, states, Native American Tribes (Tribes), non-government organizations (NGO), and private individuals are interested or directly involved in the successful conservation and management of fisheries resources in the Pacific Region. Forming strong partnerships with all of these entities is essential to achieving our mutual goals of healthy, reproducing, abundant, and widespread fish populations with quality habitat to support them and significant opportunities for harvest.

The Pacific Region Fisheries Program enthusiastically seeks to create new partnerships and relationships with the goal of resolving fisheries conservation challenges efficiently and effectively. We continually work at improving existing relationships with Tribes, states, existing partners, and other stakeholders. These partnerships will be necessary, to accomplish many of the objectives and tasks described in our strategic plan. The success of all Fisheries Program partnerships and federal-tribal and state relations depend on commitment, effective communications, and mutual trust.

Our goal is to develop and maintain open and interactive communications between the Fisheries Program and our traditional and non-traditional stakeholders to establish meaningful partnerships and improved relationships for the conservation of aquatic resources.
Below is a list of partners we currently work with to conserve aquatic resources in the Pacific Northwest:

Last updated: January 27, 2014

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