Pacific Region Hatchery Review
Pacific Region

Columbia Gorge NFHs Review

Willamette and Lower Columbia Basin salmon and steelhead habitat maps

Columbia Gorge Region (CG)

CG--001 Salmon and Steelhead Population Status Report of Lower Columbia/Willamette 2004
CG--002 Yakima-Klickitat Fisheries Project Monitoring and Evaluation
CG--003 Klickitat Hatchery Spring Chinook HGMP 2004
CG--004 Priest Rapids Upriver Bright Fall Chinook HGMP 2005
CG--005 Yakima Prosser Upriver Bright Fall Chinook HGMP 2005
CG--006 Walla Walla Spring Chinook HGMP 2005
CG--007 Ringold Springs Spring Chinook HGMP 2005
CG--008 Klickitat Anadromous Fishery Master Plan
CG--009 Spawning Areas and Abundance of Chinook salmon in the Columbia River Basin 1968
CG--010 Wind River Winter and Summer Steelhead Adult and Smolt Population Estimates from Trapping Data 2006
CG--011 Evaluation of Recoveries of Fish Released from NFHs and Observations of Straying
CG--012 ODFW, WDFW Columbia River Stock Status and Fisheries 2007 Joint Staff Report - Spring Session
CG--013 ODFW, WDFW Columbia River Stock Status and Fisheries 2006 Joint Staff Report - Fall Session
CG--014 Coded Wire Tag Annual Report 2005 - Appendix
CG--015 Adult Production of Fall Chinook Reared in Net-Pens in Backwaters of the Columbia River
CG--016 Survival and contaminant analysis of juvenile spring Chinook salmon during herbicide treatment with 2,4-D and Diquat for control of noxious weeds in Drano Lake
CG--017 Wind River Winter and Summer Steelhead Adult and Smolt Population Estimates from Trapping Data

Spring Creek NFH (SC)

SC--001 Tule Fall Chinook HGMP 2002
SC--002 Spring Creek HGMP May 2004
SC--003 Spring Creek Table 1 Continued SCFCS (Hatchery)
SC--004 Spring Creek CHMP Aug 2004
SC--005 Big White Salmon Subbasin Plan 2004
SC--006 Big White Salmon listed in America's Most Endangered Rivers of 2007
SC--007 Big White Ponds Preliminary Design Sutdy for Fish Screening and Related Improvements
SC--008 Effects of Four Density Levels on Spring Creek Tule Fall Chinook Salmon
SC--009 John Day Spring Creek Tule Fall Chinook Mitigation Evaluation
SC--010 Evaluating Spring Creek Tule Fall Chinook Fry Release Strategies 2006
SC--011 Spring Creek NFH 2006 Annual Report
SC--012 Spring Creek NFH History, 1970s - 1990s
SC--013 Spring Creek NFH Ladder Operation Study

SC--014 Genetic Analysis of Juvenile Chinook Salmon Collected in White Salmon River

Carson NFH (CR)

CR--001 Spring Chinook HGMP 2002
CR--002 Carson HGMP May 2004
CR--003 Carson Prototype CHMP October 2002
CR--004 Wind River Subbasin Plan 2004
CR--005 Carson NFH 2005 Annual Report
CR--006 Carson NFH Spring Chinook Timing and Migration Speed

Little White Salmon and Willard NFHs (LW)

LW--001 Spring Chinook HGMP 2002
LW--002 URB Fall Chinook HGMP 2002
LW--003 Coho HGMP 2002
LW--004 Klickitat Lead Entity Recovery Strategy
LW--005 Little White Up River Brights HGMP May 2004
LW--006 Little White Carson stock spring Chinook May 2004
LW--007 Little White/Willard Complex CHMP May 2005
LW--008 White River production potential at Little White
LW--009 Willard Mid Columbia coho BPA annual report 2005
LW--010 White River Spring Chinook HGMP Sept 2005
LW--011 Little White Salmon Subbasin Plan 2004
LW--012 Ninety Years of Salmon Culture at Little White Salmon NFH
LW--013 Little White Salmon NFH Ladder Operation Study
LW--014 Little White Salmon/Willard NFH Complex 2006 Annual Report
LW--015 Cascade Hatchery Operations Plan


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