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Junior Ranger 'Let's Go Fishing!' Lands in Trout Lake, Washington

A young junior angler
Let’s Go Fishing! For over 20 years the Service has been partnering with the U.S. Forest Service to support a Kid’s Fishing Day in the small community of Trout Lake in southwest Washington. The event has morphed over the years from fishing in a small ditch right in town to the open-ended event that it was this year. Families meet at the Trout Lake Ranger Station to pick up a pole, some bait and a map. They are directed to one of the many small local lakes in the area to fish for the day.

Volunteers were stationed at the various lakes to help out. Staff from Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery (Chris Hankin--above, Mark Doulos, and Jeremiah Youtsey) have always offered up fish cleaning and fishing assistance and this year was no exception.
This June during National Fishing and Boating Week, over 100 kids went fishing at area lakes and were introduced to the new Junior Ranger "Let's Go Fishing!' Program. The Pacific Region Fish and Aquatic Conservation Program, through Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery, is piloting the Junior Ranger Angler program at area fishing events in the Columbia River Gorge.

Chris Hankin, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee, helps a youth angler bait a hook. Photo: Cheri Anderson/USFWS

Junior Ranger 'Let's Go Fishing!' is a collaboration between the National Park Service and the Service to encourage kids--and their families-to get hooked on fishing. The program is geared toward children aged 8-12 (third to seventh graders), and encourages participants to complete activities in the Let's Go Fishing! Activity Book that introduce fishing gear, angler tips, fishing ethics, Tic-Tac-Go Outside, and, of course, finding and using local fishing spots.
Kids who turn in their booklets at participating National Fish Hatcheries, like Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery will receive a badge as well as a Certificate of Achievement.

National Park Service's Junior Ranger Let's Go Fishing! Program website
Download the Junior Ranger Lets Go Fishing! Activity Book




Last Updated: November 5, 2019
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