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Image of volunteer in the foreground listening to an orientation from USFWS staff during a volunteer planting event

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and our successes in conservation are what they are thanks to the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and Friends Groups. Opportunities abound for getting involved right in your own community through federal lands and other organizations, so check out the resources below and find the right fit for you.

  • Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

    Image of three women planting native wildflowers during a USFWS volunteer event

    Be sure to bookmark our volunteer list as we're adding opportunities regularly. If you have a volunteer opportunity you would like to promote, please contact our webmaster to discuss the opportunity.

    Find an opportunity today!
  • The USFWS Volunteer Program

    Image of two USFWS Volunteers

    Volunteering for the USFWS is easy, rewarding, and close to home. Whatever your age or particular skillset, we can use your help. The link below will take you to our official USFWS volunteer portal which and provide access to the sign-up form in english and spanish.

    USFWS Volunteer portal
  • Find a Friends Group

    Image of a Friends group member teaching a child about nature

    Life is simply better with friends, and nowhere is that more true than on National Wildlife Refuges and National Fish Hatcheries. Friends groups are non-profit organizations that, frankly, we don't know where we'd be without. From restoration project assistance, to educating and entertaining visitors, to fundraising and speaking out on behalf of our shared resources and wildlife, Friends are in integral part of the daily life of a Refuges and Hatcheries.

    Does this sound like the way you'd like to get involved and support a local refuge or hatchery? Friends groups are always looking for new members and volunteers. Find one near you today.

    Search a state-by-state list of Friends groups
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