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New to Nature?

Image of kids with butterfly nets

Fresh air, sublime views, and the calls of wildlife are summoning you. Don't let an unfamiliarity or discomfort with nature hold you back. We want to help you get outside by sharing our insights on staying comfortable, enjoying wildlife, and overcoming "Nature Deficit Disorder."

  • Gear Up for the Outdoors

    Image of child in the woods wearing a backpack

    Wearing the right clothes and carrying a few essential items can be the difference between a miserable 10-minute outing or a fantastic all-day nature adventure.

    We have tips on how to dress for any kind of weather as well as what to pack for a fun and comfortable day outside.

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  • Wildlife Viewing Tips

    image of person looking through spotting scope

    Few things evoke a sense of wonder quite like seeing wildlife in their natural setting. But it isn't always a chance encounter. By following some helpful tips, you can increase your chance of turning a lovely stroll through the woods or along the beach into a wildlife safari.

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  • Overcome "Nature Deficit Disorder"

    close-up image of a hand holding a small bird

    A term coined by Richard Louv in his groundbreaking book, Last Child in the Woods, "Nature Deficit Disorder" calls attention to the growing problem of children losing their connection to nature.

    There are many organizations working to combat this issue, including the USFWS, and we've compiled some of the most helpful resources for understanding the issue and getting nature back into kids by getting kids back into nature.

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