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Gear Up for the Outdoors

Image of a young person looking at wildlife through binoculars

If you're new to spending time in nature or are wondering how you can make your time in the outdoors comfortable and carefree, we offer some tips below on topics including: what to wear, what to eat and drink, and what to do when you're out there.

Gearing Up

Common sense is the best guide. Dress for the weather - heat, rain, wind, etc. And dress for the terrain - sidewalks, mud, rocky trails, etc. Longer outings definitely require snacks and plenty of water. Here are some helpful checklists.

Check out this day-hiking checklist from REI

In the Great Outdoors

Bigger expeditions like hiking, camping, boating, fishing, mountain climbing, and backpacking take more planning and, of course, more gear. Here are a few check lists and tips for starters.

A simple camping checklist from Some tips for hiking with kids from

In the City

You don't have to travel to get to nature. If you live in a city, there is 'nearby nature.' Explore local parks, ponds, creeks, tree-lined streets, and natural areas. Find out what nature events are taking place in your community. Here's an example:

Exploring Portland, Oregon's Natural Areas And here are some Nature Walking Tips from The Wilderness Society

In Your Own Backyard

Your own backyard IS the natural world; a place where you can create wildlife havens with gardens, bird feeders, and birdbaths; a place for investigation, discovery, and play.

15 Nature Activities for Kids from Camping in your backyard from
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