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For Kids

image of child digging in sand at a lake in the pacific northwest

Howdy, nature explorers! Want to learn a little more about the outdoors and play some fun games before you go outside and see it for real? Then check out the games below that will help you discover your wild side.

  • Neighborhood Explorers

    image of the characters from the game Neighborhood Explorers

    Ever heard of a National Wildlife Refuge? If not, that's okay. In Neighborhood Explorers you can join the NX Club as they find out what wonders await them on the refuge.

    In this fun, interactive experience you'll unlock a series of mini-games and earn cool patches. By the end, you might even have a new answer to the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

    Play Neighborhood Explorers
  • Ranger Rick Games

    image of the ranger rick characger and a red fox character

    Our friends at the National Wildlife Federation and Ranger Rick have created lots of cool wildlife-themed games for you to play.

    Check out the games at the NWF website

    Looking for even more games? Check this out:

    Recycle City from the Environmental Protection Agency

  • Earth Rangers

    logo for Earth Rangers

    Dozens of games, wildlife images, and webcams await you at Earth Rangers.

    Head to the Earth Rangers website
Last Updated: June 13, 2014
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