Recovery Outlines
Pacific Region Endangered Species Recovery

The first step in the recovery planning process is the development of a recovery outline. Recovery outlines are usually prepared within 90 days of when a species is listed. A recovery outline serves as interim guidance to direct conservation efforts until a draft recovery plan is completed, and is intended primarily for internal use by the Service. Recovery outlines summarize the state of our knowledge of the species, identify high priority recovery actions that may be undertaken immediately, and lay out the strategy and timing for the development of the recovery plan.

Current Recovery Outlines in Region 1

Lepidium papilliferum (Slickspot Peppergrass) September 2011Kincaid's Lupine

Two Hawaiian Damselflies March 2011 [100 KB]

Kauai Ecosystem [47 species] June 2010 [12 MB]

Twelve Hawaiian Picture-wing Flies  August 2006 [800 KB]

For older recovery outlines that have now been superseded by a published draft or final recovery plan, follow this link.

Last updated: September 28, 2011
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