Pacific Region Recovery Leaders


Pacific Region Recovery Leaders are individuals who are making a difference in promoting the recovery of one or more endangered or threatened species in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Hawaii, and the Pacific Islands.  These individuals are instrumental in achieving milestones to help advance a species towards recovery, and have demonstrated significant achievements in leadership and team-building.  They represent a small portion of the many hardworking people who are dedicated to the conservation and recovery of species across the Pacific Region, and we are honored by their support and commitment.

Pacific Region Recovery Leaders:


Tim McCracken - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Central Washington Field Office, Wenatchee, Washington (Showy stickseed, Wenatchee Mountains checkermallow, northern spotted owl, bull trout)

Kerrie Palermo - Bureau of Land Management, Coos Bay District, North Bend, Oregon (Western snowy plover)


Brenda Zaun - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Kauai National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Kilauea, Hawaii (Newell’s shearwater)


Keith Swindle - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of Law Enforcement, Honolulu, Hawaii (Newell’s shearwater and Hawaiian petrel)


Laysan Duck Translocation Team – multiple entities and agencies, Honolulu, Hawaii (Laysan duck)

Paul Phifer - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Pacific Regional Office, Portland, Oregon (Northern spotted owl)


National Recovery Champions

The Recovery Champion Award honors Fish and Wildlife Service employees and conservation partners throughout the United States who have made outstanding contributions to the recovery of endangered species. These individuals from the Pacific Region have received the 2009 National Recovery Champion Award:

The Willamette Valley Prairie Restoration Team: Steve Smith, Jarod Jebousek, Chris Seal, Jock Beall, Nate Richardson, Mikki Collins, Kate Norman, Jeff Dillon, Cat Brown, and Rollie White – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staff at the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Office, Portland, Oregon, and the Willamette Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Corvallis, Oregon (Fender’s blue butterfly, Kincaid’s lupine, golden paintbrush, Nelson’s checker-mallow, Willamette daisy, and Bradshaw’s desert parsley


Recovery Champions from the Pacific Region in previous years:


Jack Jeffrey – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Akiapolaau, `alala (Hawaiian crow), Hawaii akepa, Hawaii creeper, nene (Hawaiian goose), palila, Hawaiian hoary bat, and haha plant)

Dr. Dwayne K. Paige – Seattle Public Utilities (bull trout)


Holly Freifeld – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Pacific Islands Fish and Wildlife Office, Honolulu, Hawaii (Hawaiian petrel, Laysan Duck, Mariana fruit bat, and Newell's shearwater)

David Hays – Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Olympia, Washington (Columbia basin pygmy rabbit)


Joanne Stellini – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Western Washington Fish and Wildlife Office, Lacey, Washington (marbled murrelet, northern spotted owl, bald eagle, bull trout, golden paintbrush, Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit, Columbian white-tailed deer, Canadian lynx, grizzly bear)


Paul Scheerer – Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Corvallis, Oregon (Oregon chub, Borax Lake chub, Foskett speckled dace, Warner sucker, Hutton tui chub)