Endangered Species
Conservation Planning

Conservation Planning

Columbia Basin pygmy rabbitThrough the Conservation Planning program and Section 10 of the Endangered Species Act, the Service works with private landowners, local and state governments, corporations, and other entities to conserve and protect listed and unlisted species on non-Federal lands.

Habitat Conservation Plans, Safe Harbor Agreements and Candidate Conservation Agreements with Assurances promote species and habitat conservation through innovative partnerships. Conservation of fish and wildlife and their habitats on private lands is critical to maintaining our ecological biodiversity. Endangered species grants are also managed by the Conservation Planning program.

Most Conservation Planning program activities within the Pacific Region are handled by our Fish and Wildlife field offices.  Please select an office below to access more detailed information about activities in your area. 

What is a Candidate Species?

Candidate species are plants and animals for which the Service has sufficient information on their biological status and threats to propose them as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act, but for which development of a listing regulation is precluded by other higher priority listing activities.

The Candidate conservation activities provide a means for conserving these species. Early, cooperative conservation may eliminate the need to list candidate and other at-risk species under the Endangered Species Act. Thus, proactive conservation of candidate species can maximize land use options and reduce the potential for regulatory requirements that often are necessary when species become listed.
More information is provided below:

Lists of candidate species can be found at: http://ecos.fws.gov/tess_public/StartTESS.do

Last updated: March 6, 2013

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