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Native American "Feather" Permit

This permit authorizes Native Americans to possess eagle feathers and parts for religious use.

Permit Details

Fee: None Duration: Lifetime
Regulation: 50 CFR § 22.22 Application:

Form 3-200-15A


Reporting: None Re-Order: Visit the National Eagle Repository Website to submit a reorder request.  

How to Apply

NEW! As of October 1, 2021, the National Eagle Repository will be issuing all Eagle Parts for Native American Religious Purposes permits.           

    First Order - Do not currently have a permit and are applying for the first time:
    • 1. Submit a permit application form AND certificate of enrollment form to the National Eagle Repository, or APPLY FOR A NEW PERMIT ONLINE!

      • Helpful tips:
      • - Be sure to include a complete Certification of Enrollment form. This form must be signed by your tribe's designated certifying official
      • - We cannot accept tribal id cards
      • - Be sure to complete all required information
      • - Social security number and phone number are required
      • - To speed up processing, list the name of your tribal affiliation as it appears on the Bureau of Indian Affairs list of federally recognized tribes
      • - Submit a hard copy via mail with an original, blue-ink signature
      • - Faxes and photocopies cannot be accepted
    • 2. The National Eagle Repository receives your application and reviews it for completeness. You will receive either:

      • - A letter stating your application is incomplete and requesting additional information
      • OR
      • - Your signed permit
    • 3. Once your application is complete, the National Eagle Repository will send you your permit. The amount of time it takes to complete an order depends on your request. See the table in the application form.

    • Status Questions?
      • Contact the National Eagle Repository (303) 287-2110

    How to Re-order

    After you receive your initial shipment, you may reorder at any time by submitting a reorder form to the National Eagle Repository.


    First-time Application Tips

    • - Complete all the information requested on the application form, including social security number and phone number. We cannot process incomplete forms.
    • - To speed up processing, please use the name of your tribe as it is listed in the Bureau of Indian Affairs list of federally recognized tribes
    • - The Certificate of Enrollment must be signed by your tribe’s designated certifying official

    Common Questions

    Who is eligible for a Native American Religious Use permit?
    Permits can only be issued to enrolled members of federally recognized tribes. Individuals who cannot demonstrate enrollment in a federally recognized tribe cannot obtain a permit. Unfortunately, at this time, this includes Native Hawaiians.

    I found a dead eagle or eagle feathers, can I keep them?
    Permits do not allow individuals to collect eagle feathers or parts at this time. All items must be obtained through the National Eagle Repository.

    How long will my order take?
    The length of time depends on a couple of factors:
    1. How quickly you submit a complete application. Incomplete applications will be returned to you requesting additional information. The faster you can get it back to us the faster we can process your permit and forward your order to the repository.
    2. Which eagle parts/feathers you request for your order. The National Eagle Repository fills your order by what you request with what they have available in their inventory. Approximate waiting periods are listed by each eagle part on the application form.

    How do I update basic information, like name and address?
    Submit a signed letter requesting an amendment to your permit. Clearly state your permit number (or social security number), what information needs to be updated, and sign the request.

    Am I allowed to give feathers as a gift to another individual?
    You may gift feathers to other enrolled members of federally recognized tribes or to family members as a form of inheritance, passed down from generation to generation. We strongly recommend that you provide a copy of your permit to the recipient that stays with the gifted items. Additionally, we suggest the receiving individual apply for a permit.

    How do I transport feathers internationally?
    To transport feathers or regalia internationally, you need a Transport Permit submitted to the Division of Management Authority at (703) 358-2104. Allow at least 90-days processing time.

Last Updated: July 16, 2014
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