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Golden Eagle Nests

Nest Characteristics

Golden eagle nests, while smaller on average than bald eagle nests, are still quite large. Smaller sticks are used to construct these nests, thumb-sized in diameter as opposed to much larger bald eagle nest material.

Golden eagle nests have an average diameter of 5-6 feet and an average depth of 2-4 feet. Nests are generally located in remote and rugged areas, away from human development and activity. They are usually found on cliff-sides, but can also be found in trees, typically when a cliff face is not available.

Golden eagles have been known to also use human structures like power poles or towers, tall shrubs, and even the ground if no trees are available. While these nests are more rare than cliffs and trees, it can lead to confusion with other bird species like osprey and red-tailed hawks.

Facts About Golden Eagle Nests

Relative Size
55-gallon barrel
Avg. Diameter and Depth
3 feet wide
2-4 feet deep
Primary Location
Most built on cliffsides; some in trees; less frequently on human structures or ground
goldne eagle cliff nest photo by Karunakar Rayker; golden eagle thumbnail ┬ęPat Gaines
Last Updated: July 16, 2014
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