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I Found a Dead Eagle

While the bald eagle delisting is a tremendous Endangered Species Act recovery story, both the bald and golden eagle still receive protection under the Eagle Act. As such, we continue to monitor the health of the population and need to account for them in both life and death. If you encounter a dead bald or golden eagle, please adhere to the following guidance.

Special instruction if the dead eagle is in western Washington (west of the Cascades)


For dead eagles in Eastern Washington, Idaho, or Oregon:

Call an Expert

There are several offices, both state and federal, that are appropriate to call depending on the state in which you find the dead eagle:

1. A federal law enforcement office:

  • Washington: (425) 883-8122
  • Oregon: (503) 682-6131
  • Idaho: (208) 442-9551

2. A state law enforcement office:

  • Washington: (360) 902-2936
  • Oregon: (503) 378-3720
  • Idaho: (208) 334-3736

3. The USFWS Migratory Bird Permit Office at (503) 872-2715

Follow Instructions Carefully

All efforts to report dead bald and golden eagles are greatly appreciated. Monitoring all aspects of these species' life cycle are an important part of ongoing protection under the Eagle Act. The following are things to keep in mind when reporting a dead eagle sighting:

• The expert will direct you in terms of what to do with the carcass feathers or parts

• Share details including location, circumstances, and contact information

• You may not keep eagle carcasses, feathers, parts, nests, or eggs

• If directed by an expert, all eagle carcasses, feathers, and parts must be shipped to the National Eagle Repository

Last Updated: July 16, 2014
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