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Upcoming Events with a Heritage Component

  • State Archaeology Celebrations in the Pacific Region:

USFWS Historic Preservation and Interpretation Projects

  • Cathlapotle Plankhouse Project. A full-scale Chinookan-style cedar plankhouse has been constructed at Ridgefield NWR in Ridgefield, WA. Designed using information gleaned from archaeological research at the Chinookan town site of Cathlapotle, the plank househas become an open-air classroom where students and visitors alike can experiment with traditional skills, learn about native plants and animals, and catch a glimpse of life in the past. The Cathlapotle Plankhouse opened on March 25, 2005, 199 years to the day after Lewis and Clark first visited the town and described it in their journals. The project was designated a Legacy Project of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Committee of Vancouver/Clark County. To learn more about Cathlapotle and the cultural heritage of Ridgefield NWR, click here.
  • Midway Atoll NWR "Save America's Treasures" Grant - The Save America's Treasures grant provides critical funding for stabilizing and conserving elements of Midway Atoll's most important properties. Priorities include arresting deterioration caused by water, corrosion, and termites and repairing or replacing seriously damaged structural members on the NHL ammunition huts, theater, officers' housing, and Commercial Pacific Cable Company buildings. To learn more about the accomplishments of volunteers, refuge staff, and partners at this National Memorial site in the Pacific Islands, click here (12.8mb pdf).
  • The Sod House Ranch at Malheur NWR, OR, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. During the summer of 2000, extensive restoration began to rescue the barn from collapse.
  • White Bluffs Cabin Restoration, Hanford-ALE, WA, stay tuned.
  • Feichter House, Finley NWR, OR, stay tunes.

Education Projects

  • EDAW Student Summer Program: During the summer of 2000, a group of 18 undergraduate and graduate students brought their skills and enthusiasm to Ridgefield NWR in Washington. Their creativity and enthusiasm resulted in a conceptual plan for a discovery center where the natural and cultural history of the Refuge could be interpreted.
  • Rock Art of the Malheur Marshlands: During the summers of 1997 and 1998, high school students from around the country participating in the Earthwatch Student Challenge Award Program worked with FWS archaeologists to record petroglyphs on Malheur NWR and Hart Mountain NWR in Oregon. The students learned traditional skills such as flintknapping and tule boat building, and scientific methods such as excavation and artifact analysis. They also learned that mosquitoes thrive in the marshlands! To learn more about the technical aspects of the project, go to Recording the Rock Art (link will be restored soon). To learn more about the area's first people, go to The WADA'TIKA.
Last updated: December 20, 2012

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