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Rock Art of the Malheur Marshlands

Earthwatch Challenge Award Project 1997 and 1998
Malheur NWR, OR and Hart Mountain NWR, OR

Crew member tests tule boat

During July of 1997 and 1998, two teams of 8 high school students from around the country assisted U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service archaeologists in documenting the rock art of the Malheur Marshlands in Eastern Oregon.

The teams, sponsored by the Earthwatch Student Challenge Award Program, recorded petroglyphs and pictographs found on boulders and cliffs on Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. We also documented the houses, tools, and other cultural remains at archaeological sites associated with the rock art. The 1998 crew made a side trip to (relatively) nearby Hart Mountain NWR to record the rock art around Petroglyph Lake.

Through our work, the teams gained unique insight into the activities of the people who once plied the turgid waters of Malheur Marsh and roamed the neighboring sagebrush steppe. They also learned something about how people adapted to a rich oasis in the midst of a desolate but strangely beautiful environment.

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