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Highlights of Cultural Heritage- OREGON

Hart Mountain NWR: The images pecked into the bedrock on the banks of Petroglyph Lake are a tangible legacy of the past when people hunted big game animals and gathered the abundant roots, seeds, and nuts which grew in the valley and uplands around the lake. Top

Finley NWR: If walls could talk, the Feichter House would be a veritable gossip! John Feichter (pronounced Feester) began construction sometime around 1855, making it one of the oldest houses still standing in the Willamette Valley. He and his wife Cynthia and their seven children moved in three years later. But Feichter had only a few years to enjoy his home and his farm, for in 1861 he was accidentally shot as he set off to hunt with a farm laborer named Archibald Johnson. While the details of the accident may never be known, one story has it that he tripped his own gun while climbing a fence. What is known is that his widow married Mr. Johnson the following year and had five more children which she raised in the house. Today, the house is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Other historic structures at Finley NWR include the Cabell Lodge, built in 1902 and currently used as the headquarters for the Western Oregon Refuge Complex; the Cabell Carriage House; two Cabell Barns; and the Cheadle Barn, all excellent examples of the architectural history of Benton County. Top

Malheur NWR: The rich cultural history of Malheur NWR dates back over 10,000 years and encompasses the first inhabitants, the era of western expansion, the rise of large-scale ranching, and the Civilian Conservation Corps. Historic preservation and research projects have included: Rock Art of the Malheur Marshlands: Earthwatch Expedition, Harney Dune, and Restoration of Sod House Ranch. For more information about the refuge, Malheur NWR. Top

Last updated: December 20, 2012

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