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Regional Leadership Team

Robyn Thorson
Regional Director
Phone: 503-231-6118

Terry Rabot
Deputy Regional Director
Phone: 503-231-6118

Roy Elicker
Assistant Regional Director, Fisheries
Phone: 503-872-2763

Jason Holm
Assistant Regional Director, External Affairs
Phone: 503-231-6120

Nanette Seto
Assistant Regional Director, Migratory Birds and State Programs
Phone: 503-231-6159

Kevin Bumatay
Assistant Regional Director, Budget and Administration
Phone: 503-231-6115

Kevin Foerster
Assistant Regional Director, National Wildlife Refuge System
Phone: 503-231-6214

Stephen Zylstra
Assistant Regional Director, Science Applications
Phone: 503-231-2069


The Pacific Region contains diverse habitats, from coral reefs at Palmyra Atoll NWR, to old-growth rainforests in the west of the Cascade mountain range, to glacial lakes and streams in Washington's Northern Cascades, to arid shrub-steppe habitat in southern Idaho.

These habitats support over 400 threatened and endangered species, many unique and endemic plant and animal communities, and a variety of diverse land ownership patterns and land-use considerations.

Spanning five time zones and the International Date Line, the Region includes the States of Hawai’i, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, as well as several Pacific island Territories, Commonwealths, and U.S. affiliated States.

The region manages (or co-manages) nearly 270 million acres of land, water, coral reefs and ocean floor on 67 national wildlife refuges and five national monuments, 11 ecological services field offices, eight fisheries stations and a research lab, 15 national fish hatcheries plus 26 state and tribal hatcheries funded, managed and/or administered through the Lower Snake River Compensation Plan, and the world’s only wildlife forensics laboratory.

The people of the different landscapes throughout the Region perceive, value and manage their natural resources in ways unique to their respective regions and cultures. Our work is therefore accomplished by working with a diverse coalition of conservation partners― agricultural and natural resource dependent communities, rural and urban landowners, Native American tribal governments and indigenous island communities, watershed councils, coral reef advisory groups, universities, land trusts, state and federal agencies, and many others.

Last updated: April 3, 2017


Pacific Region Home

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Pacific Region
911 NE 11th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97232
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