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Qualifying for a Federal Job

Basic Qualifications

Occupational Titles


Occupational Titles

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has a workforce working in 135 different occupational titles. Those titles preceded by an asterisk are degree specific. There are few occupations that absolutely require a college education; and many other occupations for which a college degree is not required but is fully qualifying. Jobs like Engineer, Ecologist, and Accountant all require college coursework in fields related to the job. However, jobs like Personnel Specialist and Budget Analyst do not require college but you can qualify with a degree in any major.


*Civil Engineer
*Contract Specialist
*Education and Training Specialist
*Environmental Engineer
*Fish and Wildlife Biologist
*Fishery Biologist
*General Engineer
*Land Surveyor
*Landscape Architect
*Refuge Manager
*Wildlife Biologist



Administrative Officer
Visual Information Specialist
Budget Analyst
Computer Specialist
Employee Relations Specialist
Environmental Protection Specialists
EEO Specialist
Facilities Manager
Management and Program Analyst
Outdoor Recreation Planner
Park Manager
Personnel Manager
Personnel Staffing Specialist
Position Classification Specialist
Public Affairs Specialist
Realty Specialist
Refuge Law Enforcement Officer
Safety/Occupational Health Specialist
Support Services Specialist
Technical Writer and Editor
Telecommunications Specialist
Visual Information
Writer and Editor
Wildlife Inspector



Accounting Technician
Biological Technician
Budget Technician
Cartographic Technician
Civil Engineering Technician
Computer Assistant
Forestry Technician
Hydrologic Technician
Information Assistant
Legal Instruments Examiner
Library Technician
Management Assistant
Park Ranger
Personnel Assistant
Procurement Technician
Purchasing Agent
Range Technician
Social Services Assistant
Statistical Assistant
Transportation Assistant



Budget Clerk
Computer Clerk
Evidence Custodian
General Business Clerk
Information Clerk
Information Receptionist
Mail Clerk
Office Automation Clerk
Personnel Clerk
Statistical Clerk
Transportation Clerk



Police Officer
Student Trainee



Animal Caretaker
Auto Mechanic
Electronics Mechanic
Engineering Equipment Operator
Extruder Operator
Heavy Mobile Equipment Operator
Maintenance Mechanic
Motor Vehicle Operator
Small Craft Operator
Tractor Operator


*Must have a degree that is specific to the job title

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Last Updated: January 9, 2018
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