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Minority College Initiatives Program

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACUs)

Tribally Affiliated Colleges and Universities (TACUs)

Predominantly Asian Colleges and Universities (PACUs)

Three Presidential initiatives - the Historically Black Colleges & Universities Initiative (HBCU-Executive Order 12876), the Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities Initiative (HACU-Executive Order 12900), and the Tribally Affiliated Colleges & Universities Initiative (TACU - Executive Order 13270), mandate that Federal agencies provide assistance to and partner with HBCUs, HACUs, and TACUs with respect to a variety of areas, including research opportunities, internships, fellowships, grants, curricula development, and equipment donation.

A faculty initiative was proposed and agreed to by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Regional Directorate in order to establish relationships and develop partnerships with schools that fall under the umbrellas of HBCU, HACU, and TACU. That faculty initiative provided for three university representatives from each type of school referenced above to visit Region 1. The visits served a variety of purposes for the universities: to become educated about the mission of the Service as well as issues specific to both Region 1 and Region 8; to showcase the cutting-edge science that the Service engages in on a daily basis; to provide Region 1 with Capability Reports detailing the types of projects and services that the university offers in terms of research and development; to establish or reaffirm Student Career Experience Program Working Agreements with Region 1 and Region 8.

The initiative also provided for three Regional employees to visit one each of the aforementioned, targeted universities to meet with Department Heads to discuss the types of positions the Service fills, as well as qualification criteria to ensure graduating seniors have the requisite qualifications to be able to apply on and qualify for vacant positions; to discuss with Department Heads, in detail, the cutting-edge research and projects that the Service is currently involved in; to discuss what assistance, if any, the university requires with respect to curricula development; and to discuss what the capability of the university is with respect to providing research and development assistance on Region 1 scientific projects.

The partner schools chosen for this initiative were Haskell Indian Nations University and Northwest Indian College (both TACU); Grambling State University (HBCU); and New Mexico State University (HACU). Expansions to other TACU, HBCU, and HACU schools has since occurred, with students being recruited from HBCU, HACU, and TACU colleges and universities throughout the nation.

 To obtain additional information, please contact:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Division of Diversity and Civil Rights

Brian Lawler (Pacific Region)
Phone: 503-231-4789
Fax: 503-231-2322


Bill Johnson (Pacific Southwest Region)
Phone: 916-414-6630
Fax: 916-414-6486


Last Updated: July 26, 2016
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