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Bats at Sunset
Bats at Sunset FWS Image

It's National Bat Week!

Bats are more than just Halloween decorations. These fascinating nocturnal animals sleep hanging upside down; they use sonar to find food and most importantly, they are critical pollinators.  Bats help us in many ways, like eating insects that damage forests, crops and humans! Join us in celebrating National Bat Week, October 24 - October 30, and help us in our efforts to conserve bat habitat, protect listed bat species and respond to the white-nose syndrome disease. 

10 Ways to be a Friend to Bats

Bats Aren't Scary

Learn about Pollinators - including Bats

Members of the Idaho Sage-Grouse Action Team
Members of the Idaho Sage-Grouse Action Team BLM Image

Idaho's Sage-Grouse Action Team Wins 2016 Landscape Stewardship Award

Congratulations to the Idaho Sage-Grouse Action Team - the winners of the Public Lands Foundation's Landscape Stewardship Award for 2016! This team works together to get resources into the hands of people on-the-ground to help sage-grouse and local communities. The team, responsible for $716,000 in State sage-grouse conservation funding, coordinated matching of over $1.6 million in local and federal dollars. This partnership between Federal and Idaho State agences has been a great success and well deserving of this award.

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White Tern feeding her chick
White Tern feeding her chick USFWS Image

Preserving Kauai's Native Forest Birds

Hawaiian birds – many found nowhere else on Earth – face daunting pressures from habitat loss and introduced nonnative species like feral pigs and domestic cats. Thanks to generous support, San Diego Zoo Global was able to partner with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the State of Hawaii's Division of Forestry and Wildlife, to create two bird propagation centers on the islands  Learn more about this conservation effort and habitat restoration projects protecting the island's natural resources.

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