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IQ - Invasives Quarterly

Image of a pumpkin with the USFWS logo carved in it and a replica B movie poster featuring an invasive shrimp

Current Issue - Fall 2014

With the nights getting darker and longer, and Halloween upon us, what better time to break out the popcorn and settle in for some spooky tales of invasive species. The fall issue of Invasives Quarterly has plenty of chills as it takes you to the movies with our Creature Features, offers some sage advice about avoiding Hitchhikers, goes not so far, far away to battle the Attack of the Clones, and introduces you to The Birds (just not the ones you might be thinking of). Pop some popcorn and turn out the lights, it's going to be spooktacular!

  • Summer 2014

    End of summer means BACK-TO-SCHOOL. Rather than hang our heads at the declining heat, we at IQ celebrate with warm hearts the opportunity to combat invasives with knowledge. You can, too, by checking out our summer issue with an invasives geography lesson, a message about not letting class pets loose, some great resources in the "Teacher's Lounge," and some science fair advice from kids who are ahead of curve when it comes to contributing to science.

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  • Spring 2014

    Be the superhero you always dreamed of and apply your powers to invasive species Early Detection and Rapid Response. Also, check out one mustard you don't want at your picnic, get some tips for gardening with natives and non-invasives, and meet some Friends who are helping to shut the gate on invasive species at our National Wildlife Refuges.

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  • Winter 2014

    If you wanna beat 'em, eat 'em! Explore the world of invasivores (which could include you, if you so desired). You'll also discover the worst houseguests imaginable, the crazy a(u)nts of Johnston Atoll. Check out tips for keeping invasives from hitching a ride during your travels, as well as what to do with regrettable pet decisions. It's a whole new year of fun and learning in this debut issue of IQ.

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Last Updated: October 31, 2014
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