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The mission of the National Fish Habitat Partnership is to protect, restore and enhance the nation's fish and aquatic communities through partnerships that foster fish habitat conservation and improve the quality of life for the American people. Within the framework of this national partnership, the Pacific Region supports five multi-state or regional fish habitat partnerships. These partnerships, each with a specific focus, bring together a variety of partners to collaboratively leverage resources and maximize conservation for fish and aquatic ecosystems. 

Featured Partnerships

'O 'opu nopili

The Hawaii Fish Habitat Partnership is committed to implementing community-based, technically sound aquatic habitat restoration and monitoring programs on one of the most geographically isolated island chains in the world.

What's New: Gordon Smith gives partnership overview and update

The Pacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership works to sustain healthy native fish populations by protecting, restoring, and enhancing ecological habitats within estuaries and nearshore marine environments in California, Oregon, and Washington.

What's New: Bear River Estuary (Washington) announced as one of the nation's 10 Waters to Watch

Bull Trout

The Western Native Trout Initiative (WNTI) is a collection of agencies, organizations, and private interests committed to the conservation of all Western native trout species and their habitats.

What's New: Check out WNTI's plan for strategic action

Mexican Stoneroller

The Desert Fish Habitat Partnership seeks to protect and recover native desert species by addressing habitat conditions and threats from nonnative aquatic species throughout the Great Basin and Mohave deserts and portions of the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts.

What's New: Check out the partnership's latest accomplishments

Mouth of the Hoh River

The North American Salmon Stronghold Partnership, a Candidate National Fish Habitat Partnership, is committed conservation and restoration of salmon populations by focusing strategic efforts on protecting the strongest and healthiest remaining salmon ecosystems in North America. 

What's New: See the latest stronghold maps and reports

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