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Habitat Restoration Monitoring and Evaluation

Fisheries Program offices monitor the effectiveness of habitat restoration projects to evaluate how well they benefit targeted fish species and to evaluate the impacts of such activities on other species. Habitat restoration efforts include flow augmentation, flood-related habitat restoration, repairing/enhancing stream habitat on private lands, placing instream structures, planting riparian vegetation, replacing culverts to provide fish passage and helping design and implement other fish-friendly changes to streams and rivers. Fisheries Program offices sometimes also provide technical assistance by performing habitat evaluations for land acquisitions.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service Fisheries Program also monitors the flow of water through and around many large dams (such as those on the Columbia, Snake, and Klamath Rivers) and the operations of hydro-power facilities on these dams. We provide dam operators and power system and public utility managers with recommendations that help protect salmon and other fish and their young during their rearing and migration cycle.

Last updated: January 27, 2014
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