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  • 2017 Program Highlights Report Released

    2017 was a year highlighted by the power of partnerships. The 'Our Legacy, Our Future' report outlines our conservation successes, made possible by collaborations with Tribes, states, non-profit organizations, landowners, and many others.  

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  • The Power of Twelve

    Electrofishing at Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge as part of a pilot study to conduct long-term aquatic monitoring at five Pacific Northwest refuges.

    Since 2005, Refuges and FAC program biologists have gathered each spring to share research, discuss management issues, and seek collaborative opportunities to monitor aquatic species and habitats in Pacific Northwest refuge waterways .   

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  • 'Fish Health News You Can Use' Newsletter Launched

    Pacific Region Fish Health Program Newsletter

    The inaugural issue of of the Pacific Region's 'Fish Health News You Can Use'  newsletter has just been released! Read about topics ranging from Fish Health Program staffing updates to gas bubble trauma to what different diagnostic tests tell scientists about Bacterial Kidney Diseases. 

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  • Fish and Aquatic Conservation Program Promotes the Birds and the Bees (and Butterflies)

    Abernathy Fish Technology's New Pollinator Garden

    What do five National Fish Hatcheries, two Fishery Resource Offices, one Fish Health Center, one Fish Technology Center, and a Regional Office have in common with Monarch butterflies and native pollinators? Sounds like a punchline…right?


Program Updates

Volume 1, Issue 3 of Fish Health 'News You Can Use' Published

In this new issue: the huge impact of infectious diseases on amphibian populations; transmittal of fish diseases to the next generation through eggs; disease treatments in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems; fish vaccines--are they useful?; biosecurity; the Service's new national fish health policy. 

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Last Updated: August 08, 2018
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