Pacific Region Hatchery Review
Pacific Region

Olympic Peninsula NFH Review

Hood Canal (HC)

HC--001 Mid Hood Canal Chinook Recovery (Web Site)
HC--002 Hatchery Reform Project (Web Site)
HC--003 Mid Hood Canal Chinook, Chapter 5 - Shared Strategy Chinook Recovery Plan
HC--004 WDFW--Summer Chum Salmon Conservation Initiative (Web Site)
HC--005 Hood Canal Summer Chum Biological Opinion
HC--006 Intensively Monitored Watersheds - Salmon Monitoring 2003
HC--007 Intensively Monitored Watersheds - Salmon Monitoring Appendix A (revised)
HC--008 Skokomish Chinook Salmon Recovery Plan 2007
HC--009 Puget Sound Chinook- Including Mid-HC Chinook - Recovery Plan
HC--010 Hood Canal Summer Chum Recovery Plan
HC--011 Mid Hood Canal Summer Chum and Chinook Recovery (Web Site)
HC--012 Historic Steelhead Abundance Washington NW Coast & Puget Sound (Web Site)

Makah National Fish Hatchery (MK)

MK--001 Makah NFH Fish Passage Report
MK--002 Makah National Fish Hatchery 2006 Brochure
MK--003 Lake Ozette Sockeye Salmon Resource Management Plan HGMP
MK--004 Ozette Sockeye Hatchery Genetic Management Plan
MK--005 Proposed Lake Ozette Sockeye Recovery Plan, April 2008

Quilcene National Fish Hatchery (QL)

QL--001 Quilcene Hatchery and Genetic Management Plan for Coho 2005
QL--002 Quilcene NFH Comprehensive Hatchery Management Plan 2007
QL--003 Big Quilcene River NFH Fish Passage Report
QL--004 Quilcene NFH 2006 Brochure

Quilnalt National Fish Hatchery (QN)

QN--001 Quinalt River NFH Fish Passage Report
QN--002 Quinalt NFH 2006 Brochure
QN--003 Effects of Ancestry and Environment on Agonistic Behavior in Steelhead



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