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Endangered Species
Previous Actions


Franklin's Bumble Bee, 90-Day Finding on Petition to List as Endangered
(Sep. '11)
Bull Trout, Clackamas River Reintroduction, (June '11)
Pygmy Rabbit, Amendment to Draft Recovery Plan, (June '11)
Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, Proposed Safe Harbor Agreement, (June '11)
Gray Wolf, Delisting of Northern Rocky Mountain Populations, (May '11)
Northern Spotted Owl, Malheur Wire Lettuce
, Oregon Silverspot Butterfly, Five-Year Review for Three Species, Request for Information; Reopening of Comment Period.(Apr. '11)
Western Snowy Plover, Revised Crticial Habitat Proposal, (Mar. '11)


Pygmy Rabbit, USFWS Annual List of Candidate Species, (Nov. '10)
Bull Trout, Critical Habitat Revision Final Rule, (Oct. '10)
Western Snowy Plover, Final EIS Habitat Conservation Plan, (Sep. '10)
Northern Spotted Owl, Safe Harbor Agreement, (Sep. '10)
Pygmy Rabbit, ESA Protections Not Warranted for Pygmy Rabbit, (Sep. '10)
Gray Wolf, ESA Protections Reinstated for N. Rocky Mountain Population, (Jul. '10)
Cook's lomatium & Large-flowered woolly meadowfoam, Critical Habitat Final RuleMaps-lomatium Unit Maps-meadowfoam, (Jul. '10)
Fender's Blue Butterfly, Prairie Species Recovery Plan, (Jun. '10)
Oregon Chub, Reclassification from Endangered to Threatened, (Apr, '10)
Pacific Lamprey, Best Management Practices Document to Minimize Adverse Effects, (Apr. '10)
Greater Sage-Grouse, 12-Month Finding Warranted but Precluded, (Mar. '10)
Oregon Chub, Critical Habitat Designation Final Rule, (Mar, '10)
Coastal Cutthroat Trout
, Withdrawal of Proposal to List SW Washington/Columbia River DPS, (Feb. '10)
American Pika, 12-Month Finding Warranted but Precluded, (Feb, '10)
Bull Trout, Proposed Revision of Critical Habitat, Q&A, Bull Trout Website, (Jan. '10)
Meadowfoam and Cook's Lomatium, Draft Economic Analysis on Proposed Critical Habitat
Federal Register Notice, (Jan. '10)
Marbled Murrelet, 12-Month Finding on Petition to Delist, (Jan. '10)


Bull Trout, Proposal to Reintroduce in Clackamas River, Draft Environmental Assessment, Q&A (Dec. '09)
Northern Spotted Owl, Comment Period Extended, Federal Register Notice (Oct. '09)
, EA of Possible Experimental Removal of Barred Owls, (Dec. '09)
Brown Pelican, Draft Post Delisting Monitoring Plan (Sep '09), Federal Register Notice (Sep. '09), Removal from Endangered Species List (Nov. 09)
Meadowfoam, Cook's Lomatium, Proposed Critical Habitat Designation, (July '09)
Northern Spotted Owl, Draft Programmatic Safe Harbor Agreement(July '09), Federal Reg. Notice (July '09)
Oregon Chub, Draft Economic Analysis, (July '09)
Oregon Chub, Draft Safe Harbor Agreement, Reclassification Proposal, (May '09)
Western Snowy Plover, Draft EIS for Proposed Issuance of Incidental Take Permit (April 2009)
Coastal Cutthroat Trout, Reopening of Comment Period on Proposal to List as Threatened (March 2009)
Oregon Chub, Proposed Designation of Critical Habitat (March 2009)
Marbled Murrelet, Reopening of Comment Period for Proposal to Revise Critical Habitat (Feb. '09)
Gray Wolf, Portion of N. Rocky Mountain Populations Removed from ESA List (Jan. 2009)


Gray Wolf, Reinstatement of Federal Protections (Dec. '08)
Fender's Blue Butterfly, Draft Willamette Valley Safe Harbor Agreement (Oct. '08)
Dusky Tree Vole,90-Day Petition Finding and Initiation of Status Review (Oct. '08)
Marbled Murrelet , 90-Day Finding and Initiation of Status Review (Oct. '08)
Prairie Sepcies, Draft Recovery Plan Available for Review and Comment (Sep. '08)
Northern Spotted Owl, Critical Habitat Revised (Aug. '08)
Western Snowy Plover, Habitat Conservation Plan and EIS (Jul. '08)
Marbled Murrelet, Proposal to Revise Critical Habitat (7/30/08)
Northern Spotted Owl, Final Recovery Plan (May '08)
Brown Pelican, Proposed for delisting (2/8/08)
Gray Wolf, Delisting of Northern Rocky Mountains Population (2/21/08)


Bull Trout, Clackamas River Reintroduction Feasibility Study (Dec. '07)
Oregon Chub, Safe Harbor Agreement, Sprick Pond (PDF) (Aug. '07)
Bald Eagle, De-listing of the Bald Eagle (7/9/07)
Oregon Silverspot Butterfly, Proposed Safe Harbor Agreement, Central Oregon Coast (Jun. '07)


Willamette Valley Species, Critical Habitat Designated (11/31/06)
Columbian White-tailed Deer, Post De-listing Monitoring Plan (May '06)