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Junior Duck Stamp in Oregon


The USFWS Jr. Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program is a dynamic art- and science-based curriculum that teaches wetland and waterfowl conservation to students in kindergarten through high school. The program encourages students to explore their natural world, invites them to investigate biology and wildlife conservation principles, and challenges them to express and share what they have learned with others.

See the results of the 2017 Oregon contest here!

  • Program Combines Science and Art

    Child drawing ducks (photo credit: USFWS)

    The annual contest encourages students to observe wildlife and create their vision of the colorful, winged waterfowl that grace wetlands across North America. The objective is to create an original depiction of waterfowl and submit it to the contest; great as a class project or for individual students!

    The Jr. Duck Stamp Design Contest is the culmination of the Jr. Duck Stamp educational program. After studying waterfowl anatomy and habitat, students may articulate their newfound knowledge by drawing, painting or sketching a picture of an eligible North American waterfowl species.

  • All Students K-12 Are Eligible

    Former duck stamp entry - Eider (photo credit: USFWS)

    The Jr. Duck Stamp Design Contest is available to ALL students K-12.  The actual art competition begins all over the nation each spring when students submit their artwork to their state or territory contest. At the state level, students are judged in four groups according to grade level: K-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. Three first, three second, and three third place entries, along with 16 honorable mentions, are selected from each age group, so there are lots of winners who will each receive certificates, prizes, and recognition. Contest judges select one "Best of Show" from the 12 first place winners. Each state or territory "Best of Show" is entered in the National contest which occurs in April.

  • How To Enter

    Mallard Artwork for Jr Duck Stamp (photo credit: USFWS)

    1. Review this brochure.  
    2. Read the contest rules carefully to make sure you are eligible.
    3. Begin researching and preparing your art entry.
    4. Print and complete a contest entry form (English, Spanish) and art references form (English, Spanish).
    5. Mail entry to your State Coordinator.  

    Entries due March 15, 2019 

  • Resources

    Child drawing ducks (photo credit: USFWS)

    There are four educational curriculum guides to help spark interest in wildlife and habitat conservation through science, art, math, and technology focused lessons and activities:

    1. Youth Guide - year-round indoor and outdoor activities
    2. Educator Guide - to help lead wildlife and habitat investigations
    3. Homeschool Guide - resources for homeschool education
    4. Nonformal Education Guide - for nature centers, youth groups, etc.

    All four guides concentrate on wildlife observation, nature journaling, photography, enjoying and exploring the outside world, and investigating the treasures of the National Wildlife Refuge System - or your backyard or local park wildlife area.

    New to birding or need help finding a spot to view waterfowl?  You do not need to go far. Waterfowl can be in any natural area, city park, at the zoo, in an empty lot, or even your own backyard. Check out some tips for students and first time bird watchers, discover some of the popular birding areas around Oregon, and check out this online resource to help identify species here.

    Need inspiration or help drawing ducks?  Check out this waterfowl identification and drawing guide.


  • Support the Program

    2016-2017 JDS stamp (photo credit: USFWS)

    Since 2000, the Jr. Duck Stamp program has received more than 425,000 contest entries and has reached many more students who did not enter the contest but participated through the educational curriculum. More than $1.25 million in Jr. Duck Stamp proceeds have been used to provide recognition, incentives, and scholarships to participating students, teachers and schools. The program continues to educate youth about land stewardship and the importance of connecting to their natural worlds.

    Jr. Duck Stamps are also sold online through the U.S. Postal Service and at You can also ask your local national wildlife refuge if they carry them. All of the proceeds from the sale of Jr. Duck Stamps goes back into the program to support student art and conservation education. 

    You can also support the program through AmazonSmile.  Thank you for your support!

  • Contact Us

    Former Duck Stamp Best of Show (photo credit: USFWS)

    Oregon State Coordinator:
    Jodie Delavan
    Oregon Fish and Wildlife Office
    phone (503) 231-6984

    For a list of Coordinators by State, click here.

    More information is also available on the National Jr. Duck Stamp webpage.

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