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Conservation Education


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recognizes the importance of working with partners in the community through building relationships that will help conserve fish, wildlife and plants and their habitats. Our outreach program serves to link the work of the USFWS to the community, and helps connect people and nature by providing opportunities for citizens to become knowledgeable and active stewards.

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  • Connecting People with Nature

    Girl with binoculars

    Our goal is to get people to go outdoors and experience for themselves the joys of nature. It can be found in the parks, forests, beaches, mountains, and other surroundings of our beautiful region - and it's as nearby as your own neighborhood and your own backyard. We invite you to explore the many ways you can Experience Nature. To find out about all aspects of how and what people are doing connect with nature, Follow us on Facebook!

  • Schoolyard Habitats and Outdoor Classrooms

    Students working on pollinator garden.

    Through our Schoolyard Habitat program we work with teachers and students to design and create wildlife habitat, learning gardens, and nature trails on school grounds. We provide technical assistance and project guidance; teacher training; and written resources. Schoolyard Habitat and Outdoor Classroom projects can also address planning for new school construction and renovation projects.

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  • Jr. Duck Stamp Program & Design Contest

    King Eider by Zesen Yao, age 6.

    Calling all science and art students! The Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program is a conservation education experience to engage and inspire youth. The program is designed to spark interest in habitat conservation through science, art, math, and technology.

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  • Science Resources for Educators and Students

    Girl with binoculars

    Looking for science and nature-related education resources? You've come to the right place! There are many excellent resources and materials available for teachers, educators, students, and families. You can look through our online resource 'library'.

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