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Beaver Workshops - Materials and Videos

Image of beaver (USFWS)

  • Links to workshop materials and videos:

    Chris Jordan, Ph.D., Mathematical Ecologist, NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center
    Michael M. Pollock, Ph.D., Ecosystems Analyst, NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center 
    Kent Woodruff, Wildlife Biologist, US Forest Service
    Janine Castro, Ph.D., Geomorphologist, US Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA Fisheries
    Gregory Lewallen, Research Assistant, Portland State University.

    Workshop & Guidebook Overview:

    Purpose of the workshop and project background. History of guidebook development, general organization, and peer review following the workshop.   View video>                  

    Role of Beaver in Stream Ecosystems: 

    Overview of beaver life history and general habitat requirements.  View video>                         

    Beaver Habitat Management Tools:

    Beaver dam analogues, food and material supplementation, population management. View video>

    Beaver Reintroduction:

    Example from the Methow Valley, Washington. View video>

    Risk Screening Matrix -- Participant Evaluation of Draft Tool:

    Beaver dam viability using risk analysis. View video> 

    “Succession not Success”:

    What is success and how do we know when we’ve arrived. What are the barriers and limitations to beaver-prompted restoration – science, policy, permitting, funding, designing, implementing, social? View video>



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