Tools for Landowners

We seek opportunities to conserve and restore key habitats and ecological functions.

Our voluntary programs for landowners focus on the restoration and conservation of Oregon’s native species and habitats, with an emphasis on recovering federally-listed threatened and endangered species.  We work in collaboration with a diversity of partners such as private landowners, municipalities, businesses, government agencies, tribes, and non-profit organizations.

What can we provide?
  • Habitat restoration technical assistance Biological expertise Cost share funding Regulatory assurances through conservation agreements Environmental education assistance

Programs Available to Landowners


Partners for Fish and Wildlife

Partners for Fish and Wildlife program complements many of
the traditional USFWS programs by offering agreements for shorter time periods.

Coastal Program

Coastal Program integrates all USFWS activities in high priority coastal ecosystems.


Urban Conservation

We provide technical and planning assistance to cities, local governments, and municipalities in mitigating for sensitive and endangered species and habitat.

Schoolyard Habitat

We help teachers and students create wildlife habitat at their own schools. Typical projects include: wetlands, meadows, forests and variations based on specific ecoregions.

Restoration Resources

Photo - Oregon chub (Courtesy of Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife).
Biological Opinions



Habitat Conservation Plans,
Safe Harbor Agreements, and Candidate Conservation Agreements are mechanisms under the Endangered Species Act that address the needs of fish, wildlife, and plants through creative partnerships.

River Restoration Science

Stream restoration science expertise and coordination to a wide range of partners, allows the USFWS to positively affect aquatic restoration efforts in a way that maximizes the benefit to federal trust species. 


Photo - Science class in the field (USFWS).

The art of communicating science and scientific concepts in clear, understandable language.

Craig Rowland, Supervisor
Conservation Partnerships Division
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