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Greenspaces Program
Greenspaces Resources

(Note: The Greenspaces Program is no longer funded.)

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Educational Resources

Below are examples of educational resources that are available from previous projects. The accomplishment report includes a summary of all projects that have been funded. Feel free to contact grantees for more information.

A Bug’s Life in the Columbia Slough: (pdf file)
Handbook of Invertebrates and MacroinvertebrateButterfly graphic
Monitoring in the Columbia Slough
The Xerces Society
The Columbia Slough Watershed Council

Art-Based Nature Education – Focus on Salmon (pdf file)
Friends of Tryon Creek

From Raindrops to Refuge (pdf file)
A Handbook for Taking Action in Sherwood’s Watersheds
Tualatin River Watershed CouncilButterfly graphic
Portland General Electric (PGE)
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Invasive Species Science Education Program (pdf file)
Teaching plant biology and ecology through invasive
species focused activities
The Nature Conservancy