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Grant Project Profiles (Part Two)

Year 2004
West Willamette Corridor
Invasive Research and Removal
Keller Woodlands Photos

Year 2003
Camassia Natural Area
Map of Camassia

English Ivy Control Experiment - Phase 1
English Ivy Control Experiment - Phase 2
English Ivy Control Experiment - Phase 3

Phase 3 Ivy Experiment Final Report
List of Camssia-related Presentations (Excel)
Brochure - Welcome to Camassia
Control of English Ivy at a Landscape Level: Lessons from the Field (PowerPoint)

Gresham Woods Wet Meadow Project
Final Report
Narrative/Revegetative Plan

Cedar Mill Wetland
Final Report
Appendix A: Investigating Alternatives for Control of Reed Canarygrass in Urban Wetlands
Appendix B: Management Plan
Appendix C: Do Soil Factors Contribute to the Spread of Reed Canarygrass?

Damascus: New Urban Paradigm
Bird Communities In and Adjacent to Urban Growth Boundary - Final Report
USFWS Final Report
Baseline Assessment of Stream Habitat and Macroinvertebrate Communities - Final Report

Mouth of Tryon Creek
Tryon Creek @ Hwy 43: Culvert Alternates Analysis
Executive Summary
Final Report

Year 2002
Wildlife - Vehicle Incident Study and Guidebook
Final Report
Wildlife Crossings: Rethinking Road Design (Guidebook)
Highway crossing structures for Portland's metropolitan wildlife (Paper by Linda K. Anderson)

Natural Distrubances
2005 Amphibian Monitoring Report
Final Delphinium Report
Final Plant Monitoring Report
Metro Disturbance Regimes - Final Report
Spectral Imagery Poster
Spectral Imagery Report

Conservation Strategies Plan
Final Report
W. Willamette Corridor Invasive Species Mapping Report

Habitat Quality and Fish Distribution - Clackamas County
Final Report
Abundance and Distribution of Fish in Urban Streams

Macroinvertebrate Communities - Clackamas County
Final Report
Assessment of Macroinvertebrate Communities

Year 2001
PSU Determinants of Species Richness
Biogeography of Vascular Plants and Small Mammals

Woodland Amphibian Distribution
Determinants of Vertebrate Species Richness in and Urban Landscape

City of Sherwood Raindrops to Refuge

Final Report
Raindrops to Refuge: A Watershed Action Plan

Sandy River Watershed
Sandy River Riparian Habitat Protection Project 2000-2003
Appendix 2.0: Controlling Knotweed
Appendix 3.0: Sandy River Riparian Protection Project Structure
Appendix 4.0: Sandy River Knotweed Macrosites Treated in 2003
Appendix 4.5: Cornwell Meadow Report
Appendix 4.6: Knotweed Locations and Status
Appendix 5.0: Comparison of 17 Control Methods for Japanese and Giant Knotweed
Appendix 6.0: Stem Injection of Japanese and Giant Knotweed
Appendix 7.0: Knotweed Wanted Poster
Appendix 7.1: “I Saw Knotweed” Postcard
Appendix 7.2: Knotweed Outreach Brochure
Appendix 8.0: Invasive Species Science Education Program

Sandy River Riparian Habitat Protection Project Report 2005

Sandy River Riparian Habitat Protection Project Report 2008

Year 2000
Deer Creek
Final Report

Trillium Creek
Final Report

Year 1999
Eco-Roof Plus Test Plots
Final Report
Paper: Test Plots for a Light Weight, Low Cost Vegetative Roof in Commercial Applications

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