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Partnerships. Our projects involve a wide variety of partners which include family-owned farms and ranches, grass-seed farmers, small landowners, dairy operations, local municipalities, and many others. The Partners for Wildlife Program is set to work with all who are interested in restoring and protecting wildlife habitat on private or tribal lands. We recognize the challenging issues involved in restoring habitats in these varied climates, and we are geared to help landowners receive what they need to make the projects successful.

Here are some of the groups we have worked with to accomplish habitat restoration goals identified in consultation with our Fish and Wildlife Service representatives:

Photo - Certificate presentation to participating landowners (USFWS).
  • Private Landowner
  • Tribes
  • Federal Agencies
  • State Agencies
  • Local Agencies
  • Private Organizations
  • Corporations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Watershed Councils

Program Map and Contacts

Ecoregions Map

Partners Program Coordinator for Oregon

CalLee Davenport
USFWS - Oregon Fish and Wildlife Office
2600 SE 98th Avenue
Portland, OR 97266

Contacts by region:

Willamette Valley*
Jarod Jebousek, Private Lands Biologist
Finley National Wildlife Refuge
26200 Finley Refuge Road
Corvallis, OR 97353

Klamath Basin
Klamath Basin Fish & Wildlife Office
6610 Washburn Way
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

*Willamette Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex has responsibility for Partners for Fish and Wildlife projects in the Willamette Valley. The project focus is oak savanna, grassland, wetland, riparian, and floodplain restoration.


How the Program Works. First, an interested landowner, or a representative, contacts us (the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Office at 503-231-6179) to arrange a site visit. Then, the landowner and any other interested party meet on site with a USFWS biologist to discuss the landowner's goals and objectives for restoring habitat on the property.

The Fish and Wildlife Service will provide technical advice on project design, materials to be used, and the plan for engineering as needed. Funding and cost share responsibilities will be discussed and proposed. A Habitat Restoration Design is then developed by the participating partners together with the Fish and Wildlife Service project managers.

We conduct site visits for prospective restoration projects any time of year, however, projects are funded each fiscal year in the winter.

Program responsibilities include a National Environmental Policy Act review, an endangered species consultation, a contaminant site assessment and a cultural resource review. All are important parts of the process to ensure the projects receive an appropriate environmental review. When the review is completed and funding is approved, a Landowner Agreement (see example) is developed and signed by the participating partners. The landowner agreement secures the federal investment and is like a formal handshake that outlines each partners responsibilities and outlines the project goals and costs. A Cooperative Agreement is then signed by the partners to obligate the necessary funding for implementing the project and provide a method to reimburse the contractor.

The last step is to actually implement the project and then sit back and enjoy the results!


Project Criteria. The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Office will make site visits throughout the year. Our priority is to work in our focus areas with landowners to develop projects that meet the Partners for Fish and Wildlife program objectives. Click here to see some specific criteria that we strive to meet in our project design.

General objectives of the Program:

  1. To implement and promote habitat restoration, enhancement and establishment projects that benefit federal trust species and their habitats.

  2. To provide leadership and promote partnerships.

  3. Public outreach and education

Contact Information
USFWS - Oregon Fish and Wildlife Office
CalLee Davenport, Private Lands Coordinator
2600 SE 98th Avenue, Suite 100
Portland, Oregon 97266
Phone: 503-231-6179
FAX: 503-231-6195