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Restoring Species and Habitats

There is great potential to restore species and their habitats on private, city, county, tribal, and other non-federal lands (referred to as private lands). Partners for Fish & Wildlife is a pro-active program that promotes voluntary participation by landowners and provides financial and technical assistance for planning and implementing habitat improvements on their property.

This program delivers on-the-ground habitat restoration projects that benefit federal trust species including migratory birds, threatened and endangered species, anadromous fish and marine mammals. Projects restore and enhance degraded habitat and, in some cases, create new habitat.

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About the Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service coordinates this program among a diversity of partners: private landowners, tribes, state and local governments, non-government organizations, corporations and educational institutions.
Program Guiding and Ranking Criteria


Oregon Strategic Plan

Click on map to see areas of focus identified as priority habitats.Partners for Fish & Wildlife recently completed a national strategic planning effort where each state identified geographic priority areas for program implementation. This planning effort was intended to optimize our program by identifying where in the landscape our financial and human resources will be strategically targeted during the next five years, and to provide technical assistance and funding for projects in the priority areas. Our goals are to: benefit declining anadromous fish and migratory birds; recover threatened and endangered species, and avoid the listing of candidate or at-risk species.

Links to Partners for Fish & Wildlife Programs in Other Areas

Willamette Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex
Klamath Falls Fish and Wildlife Office
(Note: Klamath County and Goose Lake Basin in Lake County are administered by the Klamath Falls Fish and Wildlife Office.)
Snake River Fish and Wildlife Office
National U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Items of Note

New Video!

Partners for Fish & Wildlife: John Day Focus Area

Wychus Creek Dam Removal
Photo - Wychus Creek restoration (Dirk Renner, USFWS). Click on image for larger view.

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Conservation Education

Schoolyard Habitat & Outdoor Classrooms


Willamette Valley Strategic Partnership

Oregon Conservation Strategy at Work
Restoring native prairies and wetlands

Popcornflower Augmentation Report
Photo - Biologists preparing site for planting (Courtesy of Melissa Carr, ODA).
Rough Popcornflower Population Augmentation at Douglas SWCD
Report prepared by Oregon Dept. of Agriculture
(December 2006)

Dam Removal
Photo - View upstream to former dam site (USFWS).
S. Fork Klatskanie River Restoraton Project


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Partners for Fish & Wildlife
20th Anniversary

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