Habitat Conservation Plans
Benton County HCP

Appendices to Benton County HCP

Appendix A: Certificate of Inclusion Template – Private Landowner

Appendix B: Certificate of Inclusion Template – Cooperator

Appendix C
: Cooperative Agreement Template

Appendix D
: Maps of Prairie Conservation Areas

Appendix E
: Prairie Conservation Strategy

Appendix F
: USFWS March 1, 2010 Letter to Benton County

Appendix G
: HCP Advisory Committees and Planning Team

Appendix H
: Public Presentations about the HCP

Appendix I:
Avian, Botanical and Butterfly Survey Methodology

Appendix J
: Prairie Habitat Vegetation Management Guidelines

Appendix K
: Project Site Survey and Reporting Protocols for Plants and Butterfly Habitat

Appendix L
: Plant Material Collection and Plant Introduction Protocols

Appendix M
: Roadside and Streambank Management Guidelines for Covered Plants

Appendix N
: Taylor’s Checkerspot Management Plan

Appendix O
: Covered Plant Soils Lists

Appendix P
: Sample Annual Compliance Report

Appendix Q
: Cooperator Reporting Forms

Appendix R
: Implementing Agreement