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The June 30, 2011 release of the Revised Recovery Plan for the Northern Spotted Owl was an important step in what has been a multi-decade effort to recover the spotted owl. The Recovery Plan includes 33 recommended actions to achieve recovery, ranging from using up-to-date modeling tools to implement recovery actions to experimentally demonstrating the impact of barred owls on spotted owls to designing a post-delisting monitoring plan.

Recovery plans are guidance, not regulatory, documents and should be adaptable so that they can incorporate the best available information as new science emerges. In an effort to best incorporate new data and to most effectively implement the varied recovery actions, the USFWS developed multiple, collaborative implementation teams, management teams, and a scientific review panel. Team and work group members represent Federal agencies, the states, tribes, private industry, environmental organizations and academic institutions, and facilitate Recovery Plan implementation and recovery of the threatened spotted owl.


Excecutive Group

  • The Executive Group is composed of regional federal, state and tribal executives and its role is to oversee implementation of the Northern Spotted Owl Recovery Plan. The Executive Group is chaired by the Pacific Regional Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The group will meet twice annually with additional meetings scheduled as needed. The Executive Group first met in Portland, Oregon on January 28, 2009.

  • Members (PDF)

Implementation Team

  • Implementation Team is comprised of federal, state and tribal managers and its role is to provide close oversight to the implementation of the Northern Spotted Owl Recovery Plan. The Implementation Team will meet at least quarterly, with more meetings scheduled as needed. The Implementation Team will review recommendations provided it by the work groups. The team will make decisions by consensus. Issues that cannot be resolved by consensus will be brought to the Executive Group for resolution.

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Science Review Committee

Work Groups

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