Cook's lomatium (Lomatium cookii)
Critical Habitat Maps

Final Critical Habitat Maps for Cook's lomatium

Click here to download Critical Habitat GIS Maps (both Cook's desert parsley and large-flowered woolly meadowfoam shapefiles)
Note: Special software (like ArcGIS) is required to read these type of files.

Area Map

Click on a link below to view unit maps.

Josephine County

Index Map for Josephine Country

Units IV1A and IV1B - Anderson Creek

Unit IV2 - Draper Creek

Unit IV3 - Reeves Creek North

Unit IV4- Reeves Creek East

Unit IV5 - Reeves Creek South

Unit IV6A and IV6B - Laurel Road

Unit IV7 - Illinois River Forks State Park

Unit IV8 - Woodcock Mountain

Unit IV9 - Riverwash

Unit IV10 - French Flat North

Unit IV11 - Rough and Ready Creek

Unit IV12 - French Flat Middle

Unit IV13 - Indian Hill


Jackson County

Index Map for Jackson County

Units RV6A, RV6F, RV6G, and RV6H - White City

Unit RV8 - Whetstone Creek

Units RV9A- RV9E - Medford Airport



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