Land and Water
Water Development

The Land and Water Division works under a variety of Congressional authorities to meet the Fish and Wildlife Service's conservation objectives. Our work on water development issues includes:

  • technical advice and recommendations on ways to avoid and mitigate impacts to fish and wildlife for federal water development projects and hydropower licenses;

  • waterway and wetland permit applications;

  • environmental impact statements relating to these projects.

Due to overlapping interests regarding the protection of, and improvement to, fish and wildlife habitats and resources, we coordinate project planning with other Fish and Wildlife Service field office divisions, particularly the Endangered Species, Contaminants, Refuges, and Habitat Restoration programs. We also coordinate with other agencies such as National Marine Fisheries Service and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Congressional Authorities

Wetlands and Waterways Permits

The Service reviews and comments on permit applications for inwater development projects and makes recommendations for avoiding or mitigating project impacts to fish and wildlife. Projects reviewed include replacement of pilings, channel maintenance dredging, bank stabilization, dock construction, bridge repair or replacement, navigational aid construction, and large commercial or industrial developments that generally involve wetland fills. Permits for these inwater activities are administered by the Corps of Engineers or the Coast Guard.

Photo - Beggar's tick marsh before restoration (USFWS).

Beggar's Tick
Before restoration

Photo - Beggar's tick marsh after restoration (USFWS).

Beggar's Tick
After restoration

Wetland Mitigation Site

Photo of baseline conditions (USFWS).

Baseline conditions

Photo of early plant succession (USFWS).

Early plant succession

Photo of late plant succession (USFWS).

Late plant succession

Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act Actvities


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