Newport Field Office

Background. The Newport Field Office opened in 1995 bringing our Ecological Services staff to the coastal community.  The office is co-located with the Oregon Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex Office near the Mark O. Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon. We work in all of Oregon's coastal counties: Columbia, Clatsop, Tillamook, Lincoln, Lane, Douglas, Coos, and Curry Counties.

Photo - Oregon Silverspot Butterfly (USFWS).
What We Do. Working in the local community, we collaborate with federal, state, tribal, county, local agencies, watershed councils, as well as private entities to address natural resource issues.  We provide technical and financial assistance for watershed assessment, restoration, management, and Endangered Species Act consultation.


Current activities:

  • Species Recovery. We are working to recover and conserve listed and sensitive species, including Western snowy plover, Oregon silverspot butterfly, and Western lily.  

  • ESA Consultations. We conduct ESA (Endangered Species Act) consultations for projects that may affect listed species.

  • Coastal Program. Through our Coastal Program we work to restore fish and wildlife habitat on federal, state, tribal, county and private lands. Restoration projects primarily occur in seven Focus Areas that span the length of the Oregon coast line (map).  Enhancement of salmon habitat is a high priority.

  • Species Monitoring.  The Western snowy plover (Oregon Biodiversity Information Center Annual Report) and the Oregon silverspot butterfly are monitored annually to evaluate species recovery. 

  • Conservation Planning. We recently approved a draft Habitat Conservation Plan developed by Oregon Parks and Recreation Department to protect and restore habitat and boost the population of Western snowy plovers on State Parks land. We also finalized a Safe Harbor Agreement to help private property owners recover Oregon silverspot butterfly habitat on their land.

  • Volunteers. Fish and Wildlife Service volunteers provide invaluable support by conducting Black Oystercatcher surveys on the Oregon coast, and by assisting in captive rearing programs for Oregon silverspot butterflies at the Woodland Park Zoo and Oregon Zoo.
Photo - New River Beach (Courtesy of Kathleen Castelein).
Photo - Western snowy plover check (USFWS).
Photo - Pink sand verbena (USFWS).

Species of Interest in Coastal Oregon





Pacific lamprey
Coastal Cutthroat

Oregon Silverspot Butterfly
Seals and Sea Lions

Bald Eagle
Black Oystercatcher
Brown Pelican
Marbled Murrelet
Western Snowy Plover
Northern Spotted Owl

Western Lily
Pink Sand Verbena

How to Contact Us

Office Staff

Laura Todd , Field Supervisor
Anne Walker , Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Endangered Species
Daniel Elbert , Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Endangered Species
Madeleine Vander Heyden , Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Coastal Program

Office Location
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Newport Field Office
2127 SE Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR 97365
Phone: 541-867-4558; Fax: 541-867-4551

Photo - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Newport Office, Newport, Oregon (USFWS).






Items of Note

Sea Turtle Rescue
Photo - Olive Ridley Turtle (Courtesy of Michael Jensen).

News Release
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Western Snowy Plover
Photo - Adult western snowy plover (Courtesy of Jack Haverty).

Release of Plover Chicks and Adult on Oregon Coast
(August 2013)
News Release
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Critical Habitat

Final Rule for Revised Designation of Critical Habitat

GIS Layers (Zip File)

Habitat Conservation Plan

Key Information Pages

Slide Show
Oregon Silverspot Butterfly Recovery Efforts
Photo - Biologist planting violets (USFWS).
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Image - Catalogue of Oregon Seabirds cover (USFWS).
Catalogue of Oregon Seabird Colonies
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Western Snowy Plover
Image - Coloring Book Cover (Click on image to download coloring book.)

Educational Coloring Book
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Black Oystercatcher

Photo - Black oystercatchers and chicks (Courtesy of Neal Maine).
Black Oystercatcher Surveys