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Newport Field Office
Western Snowy Plover
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Bullet Biology
Photo - Adult plover with chicks (USFWS).

Bullet Management

Bullet Monitoring

Regulatory Documents

Bullet Education

Snowy Plover Biology

About Snowy Plovers
A resource site devoted to the recovery of western snowy plovers Click here>

Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Bird Guide Click here>

Birds of North America Online
Comprehensive life history Click here>

Snowy Plover Management

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
Habitat Conservation Plan for the Western Snowy Plover Click here>
Q&A Fact Sheet Click here>

The Nature Conservancy
Species Management Abstract Snowy Plover (Click here.)

Monitoring Efforts

US. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office.  General information, related documents and rangewide site reports. Click here>

Oregon Biodiversity Information Center , Institute for Natural Resources, Portland State University
The Distribution and Reproductive Success of Western Snowy Plovers Along the Oregon Coast - 2010. Click here>

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife - Wildlife Research
Washington State Snowy Plover Population Monitoring, Research, and Management Actions: 2010 Nesting Season Research Progress Report . Click here>

Snowy Plover Status Details and Regulatory Documents

Recent Federal Register Documents Click here>
Western Snowy Plover Final Recovery Plan Click here>

Snowy Plover Outreach and Education Rangewide

The Western Snowy Plover Website
Tools and Resources for Recovery Click here>
The Plover Story: A Photo Essay Slide Show Click here>

Washington Department of Ecology
Snowy Plover
Click here>

Point Reyes Bird Observatory (PRBO)
Snowy Plover Soap Opera
Click here>

Coal Oil Point Preserve (University of California, Santa Barbara) -
Snowy Plover Program
Click here>