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Beach Use Restrictions During
Snowy Plover Nesting Season

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is charged with the protection and preservation of the recreation, scenic, and natural resource values found on Oregon´s ocean shore. Through its Ocean Shore rules, the Parks Department regulates vehicle use, camping, and other recreational activities, and administers a permit program for ocean shore alterations. Each year state and federal agency officials request beach-use restrictions on lands they manage for the protection of nesting snowy plovers from March 15 to September 15. The Parks Department reviews these requests and permits beach use restrictions where appropriate.

Out of 230 miles of sandy shoreline in Oregon, approximately 17.5 miles have the following restrictions.

RECREATION: During nesting season, all recreational uses on the dry sand (above mean high tide) and public driving on the wet sand are prohibited in plover areas.

Photo - Ropes and sign denote protected snowy plover nesting areas (USFWS).Photo - Ropes and sign denote protected snowy plover nesting areas (USFWS).

Photo - Dogwalker and dog enjoying the beach (USFWS).

DOGS: Dogs must be on leash at all snowy plover nesting areas.The exception to this is the Siltcoos River Estuary area, where dogs are prohibited.

Below is a list of Western snowy plover management areas
during nesting season for 2008:

Site Name


Management Area

# Miles Affected

Dune area north of Berry Creek then south to mouth of Sutton Creek
Siltcoos River Estuary area
Around the river mouth (Note: Dogs prohibited in the estuary)
Dunes Overlook
0.75 miles north and 0.75 miles south of the intersection of the Overlook trail and beach
Tahkenitch Creek Estuary
500 feet south and 0.8 miles to the north of the current Tahkenitch Creek mouth
Tenmile Creek estuary
0.5 miles to the north and 0.5 miles to the south of Tenmile Creek
Coos Bay North Spit
From 200 feet north of the north jetty to 2.5 miles north to FAA towerr
Bandon State Natural Area
From mouth of China Creek south approx. 2.2 miles
New River
Lands on both Curry County and BLM land on New River Spit

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