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Habitat Conservation Plan

HCP Signing Ceremony

Final Environmental Impact Statement

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Map of Recovery Areas

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Western Snowy Plover
Habitat Conservation Plan

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Final Environmental Impact Statement

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HCP Signing Ceremony

State and Federal Officials Sign Western Snowy Plover Agreements

Photo - Officials from Oregon Parks & Recreation, Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Land Management, and USDA Forest Service all have a role in carrying out the HCP (Courtesy of OPRD). Photo - USFWS Regional Director Robyn Thorson,

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Map of Recovery Areas

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Recovery Goals

Oregon’s coast is 365 miles long and includes about 230 miles of sandy beach.  There are currently eight plover breeding and wintering areas out of a documented 29 historic areas on the south-central Oregon Coast. 

At the time of the plover's listing as a threatened species in 1993, there were about 35 plovers in Oregon.  Now, there are about 175. 

The species’ recovery plan established the goal of 100 breeding pairs in Oregon. 

The overall recovery goal for Wasington, Oregon, and California is 3,000 breeding adults per year for 10 years.

Public Comments

Public Comment Period. Comments must be received by October 25, 2010.

Instructions for Comments. All written comments and requests for information should be addressed to: Laura Todd, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Newport Field Office, 2127 SE OSU Drive, Newport, OR
97365–5258; facsimile (541) 867–4551. You may submit comments by postal mail/commercial delivery or by e-mail. Submit comments by e-mail to; in the subject line of the e-mail include the identifier OPRD HCP EIS.

Contact: Laura Todd at (541) 867–4558 or via e-mail at


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