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Ecological and Fuel Management Objectives for Dry Forests
2009 Workshop

Creating Stand-Level Prescriptions to Integrate Ecological & Fuel Management Objectives for Dry Forests of the Eastern Cascade Range
Photo - Dry forest habitat on the east side of the Cascades  (USFWS).
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2009 Dry Forest Workshop. This workshop was held October 13-15, 2009, in Redmond, Oregon.  Two hundred people representing multiple disciplines from research institutions, non-governmental organizations, tribal nations, and state and federal agencies came together to discuss and develop stand-level prescriptions that further conservation of the northern spotted owl and integrate ecological and fuel management objectives for dry forest restoration in the eastern Cascades of Washington, Oregon and California.

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Joint Fire Sciences Program Report. View the report provided to the Joint Fire Sciences Program summarizing the workshop participants, key discussions and prescription objectives, and follow-up actions as recommended by participants.

Future Workshop Products. An intended long-term product is the implementation of treatment objectives and strategies developed during this workshop in a network of management study sites across the geographic and ecological breadth of the eastern Cascades to further our knowledge of effective dry forest management and northern spotted owl conservation.  During the workshop, interdisciplinary groups were formed to define and discuss silvicultural, wildlife, and other ecological objectives for different forest types.  Results from these groups will be compiled into a management template that can be used by managers to develop treatments that will contribute to our knowledge base on response of dry-forest systems.  We expect to post final versions of these products in early 2010.

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