External Affairs
News Room Archive - 2007

Northern Spotted Owl
News Release: Scientific Panel to Review Draft Recovery Plan - Meeting January 8 and 9 Open to Public
News Release: Independent Contractor Selected for Scientific Review Of Northern Spotted Owl Draft Recovery Plan

Western Snowy Plover
News Release: Habitat Conservation Plan and Environmental Impact Statement Released for Public Comment

Northern Spotted Owl
News Release: USFWS Announced Strategy for Completing Northern Spotted Owl Recovery Plan

Spalding's Catchfly
News Release: Final Recovery Plan Published for Rare Catchfly Plant

Gray Wolf
News Release: Reward Offered in Wolf Shooting

Bald Eagle
Bulletin: Bald Eagle Leaves Endangered Species List

Spring Snail
News Release: USFWS Removes Idaho Spring Snail from Endangered Species List

New Carissa Oil Spill and Marbled Murrelets
News Release: Coastal Forest Goes to Siletz Tribe for Management to Restore Marbled Murrelet Populations Lost to New Carissa Oil Spill

Lost River and Shortnose Suckers
News Release: USFWS Completes Status Review of Klamath Suckers

Gray Wolf
Wolf Found Dead in Union County

Avian Protection
News Release: PGE's New Avian Protection Plan

Northern Spotted Owl
News Release: Proposal to Revise Critical Habitat
Proposed Rule

Bald Eagle
News Release: Bald Eagle Will Retain Strong Federal Protections If Removed from Endangered List

Conservation Easement
News Release: Newly Created Preserve Will Permanently Protect 1,244 Acres in Coburg Hills

News Release: USFWS Announces Grants to Benefit Endangered, Threatened, and At-Risk Species
News Release: Columbia River Estuarine Coastal Fund Awards Nearly $700k in Grants for Fish and Wildlife

Bald Eagles
Bulletin: Bald Eagle Numbers Soaring

Northern Spotted Owl
News Release: Northern Spotted Owl Draft Recovery Plan Released

Rachel Carson Centennial
News Release: Rachel Carson Online Book Club Begins in March

Endangered Species Justice Fund
News Release: Oregon Zoo Establishes Endangered Species Justice Fund

Gray Wolf
News Release: Proposed Wolf Rule Published in Federal Register Today